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This has got nothing to do with Martin Garrix but I need to share this

Right this minute, Hong Kong is being brought down to a new low with a huge riot going on in the business area. This began as a peaceful riot, but the police has already responded with violence, throwing tear gas grenades, and using pepper spray on innocent people. 

I live in this wonderful city, and have always been proud of it, and it brings tears to my eyes to see the behaviour going on just 2 kilometres away from me.

Many of these people are students, and they have had their hands up to signify they want no violence, but the police have ignored them.

The police have brought out the orange sign, “Disperse or we will shoot." and rumours are that they have been ordered to begin shooting real bullets if the crowds do not disperse within the hour.

The crowds are protesting the new way the Chinese government wants to run the next election, in 2017. It gives Hong Kong citizens less independence, and many are angered by it. 

Please, please, please share this, so the world can see what’s happening in my hometown, the city my heart belongs to.

My friends are being hurt, and their rights are being taken away from them. There are students out there, being shot with rubber bullets and getting hit with tear gas grenades. 


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Martin Garrix at Ultra Music Festival, Japan

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Another late photo of Martin Garrix at Ultra, Thailand

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Ultra Music Festival Thailand - Martin Garrix

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I’m getting a lot of questions asking for my snapchat so,

it’s jasminestark

Generally I add anyone so feel free I guess

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Martin Garrix and Jay Hardway in Moscow

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Martin Garrix and Gregory van der Wiel

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Hi I love your blog! I saw that you posted a selfie and you are really beautiful! I just wonder if you could like tell us a little bit of yourself like your age and where you are from? :D

hiya (and aw thank you^^)

I’m Jasmine, I’m 16 and living in Hong Kong

Half British/Half Chinese

uh, i’m also really short i’m like 5’1

i want to study psychology at uni, if anyone has tips or something


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How'd you party with him if you're only 16, just wondering?

clubs and bars in hong kong are really lax when it comes to it, no one really cares as long you pay for your drinks, also i think that specific bouncer at the club we went to really actually didn’t give a fuck

martin was underage at the time as well so ☆ミ(o*・ω・)

if you come off anon i’ll talk about it more if you like


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Is martin smoke?





yeah he does

Martin doesn’t smoke…

oh please, I hung out with him after one of his shows. He was the one who supplied the cigarettes and he was smoking like a chimney

He said in a interview that he doesn’t smoke but, I don’t care if he smokes, I love him anyway :)

In which case I believe he tries to hide the fact that he does to the general public because i remember the night especially well